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• Compact

• Easy to use

• Convenient

• Complete

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What equipment do I need?

• Computer

• Printer

• CD reader

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Is it portable?

• Grab it and run!

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Never search for important information again!

My VIP is a simple, well designed system for keeping important information.

When the winds and rain stopped, Linda looked around the shelter. She had her mother's phone programmed into her cell phone, but Uncle Jake wasn't in it, nor friend Sue. They would all be worried.

When she saw the rubble that was once her home, she nearly callopsed in confusion. How would she contact the insurance company? Who was her insurance company?

It is difficult to think clearly in an emergency. With My VIP Book you gather all important information before the crisis arrives. The information is there to aide your recovery.


There are five sections:

Current Information...Sample pages

This is the information you use day to day. It changes frequently and is used frequently. It is in the first section of the book.

Sample pagesInsurance...

This tracks insurance, accident, property,etc.


Financial...Sample pages

This gathers information of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, loans, and monies due.

Sample pagesProperty...

This covers your properties, home, automobiles, real estate, etc.


Sample pagesEssential Information...

These are copies of the full document or cover pages of wills, marriage certificates, birth certificates, DD214, etc.


Why would I want My VIP Book?

• If you are unavailable, your family will use it as a medical and financial reference.

• If your wallet is stolen, you use it to find the numbers and contact numbers to cancel the credit cards.

• If there is an accident , the car VIN number and insurance information is readily available.

• If your doctor asks for a list of your medications, you have a handy list copied from My VIP Book.

• If unexpected events take you from your family, a handy schedule keeps life moving smoothly.

• If a death occurs, it is a handy reference for your executor.



















































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